Mail Server Settings

Mail server settings are:

POP3, IMAP & SMTP Server:
Username = full email address
Password is as given.

For outgoing mail you need to ensure that your mail client uses authentication.  Under Outlook tick the checkbox “My outgoing mail server requires authentication” (Under More Settings, Outgoing Server tab).

The server supports both POP3 (default) or IMAP (good if you want to sync multiple devices, eg phone and desktop – it keeps mail on the server)

While the above settings should “just work”, some mail providers (for example XTRA from time to time) block sending email out on the default port 25, Thus changing the using SMTP port  to 587 is recommended.  You can also turn on encryption – for incoming mail set the connection to “TLS” (this will change the port – thats OK) and for outgoing mail set it to “SSL”.