Data Recovery

Data Recovery Service

If you have lost valuable data, but are scared off by the prices so called “professional data recovery services”, drop us a line and see what we can do for you. We have a technician who loves the challenges and rewards that data recovery brings and is looking to keep this set of skills honed.

Although a System Administrator by trade, and not formally qualified as a data recovery expert, he has successfully restored (or instructed on how to restore) data off a number of systems deemed “unsalvageable” by “so called experts”, including instances where data has been erased and where also where there has been a hardware failure. He has recovered data from both Windows and Linux systems as well as off corrupt memory cards and cameras.

What we can do

Data stored on any medium (including PC’s, laptops, phones, cameras, memory sticks), independant of Operating System where

  • files have been deleted.
  • partitions have been overwritten.
  • Disks which have been formatted over.
  • Hardware failure has occurred.

What we can’t do

  • Systems which have been fully wiped with a tool who’s purpose it make data unreadable. (Note this process generally requires several hours and is different from simply deleting your files)
  • Systems which employ full disk encryption and the encryption key is not known.

Time-frames and Pricing

Data recovery is usually a very slow process as it typically takes hours to read all the data off even a “good” drive, so a typical timeframe to provide results would be 2-3 weeks.

Due to the large number of possibilities, we can only provide an estimate after seeing the drive (or sometimes after a description of the problem).  We charge a nominal fee of $70 to evaluate the drive and confirm a price – as well as advise the prospects of recovery.   (In the event the data can be recovered during the evaluation fee there is no charge).

Typical charges would be between $350 and $700 to recover a system.

Important Notes

Due to the nature of this service, the only guarantee we are able to offer with this service is that any data we restore will be treated as private and confidential and not shared with third parties (unless the possession of said information is a serious criminal offense where a failure to disclose this information would put us at legal risk)

Note that despite our best efforts it is possible that we will further corrupt the drive given to us to recover data.